Art Journaling for Scaredy Cats Class

I signed up to take Tangie Baxter’s Digital Art Journaling for Scaredy Cats Class.

Why? Because I hate being afraid of Art Journaling challenges, and it’s never a bad thing to have another style to pull from! Plus, there is a lot of feelings in my life, and scrapping is cheaper than therapy!

So, What is Art Journaling to me?

It’s a way to express myself, without always using words, or photos. A way to push myself into a new experience. A way to be more open. A way to create. Beautiful pages with emotion.
What is art journaling to you? Is it something you are interested in? Or do you move on past those type of pages?

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Masters of Scrap

Over at Scrapaneers, they are hosting a fun contest! Eight different styles of scrapbooking have been identified, and are being explored in depth in a fun class. Coinciding with the class, is a scrapping contest. The prizes are amazing, even for just signing up to participate!

I signed up to play, and hoped to show you my layouts. But then I joined their team, so I am ineligible to participate. I still want to play along on the sidelines, so I’m off to make a Day Dreamer Layout tonight. And if you are playing, let me know! I’ll cheer you on!

Curious what your style is? Take the free quiz!

20690117_1106274056174086_3261601521239659941_o.jpgSee the prizes here!

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Road Trip Fun

It’s Wednesday and that means it’s the Something Old, Something New sale at The Lilypad today. Which means 50% off specials. I’m a sucker for Road Trips and Travel items because I still have a lot of trips to scrap!
This one is the first leg of the amazing {almost} cross country trip I took with my friend. We traveled to Utah to visit family: 2 adults, and 5 kids ranging in age from 1 month to 8 years old. It was an adventure, and a lot of fun! Matthew was just over 2 at the time, so I didn’t get a lot of scrapping done. I love seeing how little he was, and how tiny the backseat of our car was.


My other page this week is a different take on a road trip. We’ve made the drive from Utah to California or Las Vegas a bunch of times. Beaver is a good stopping point to stretch our legs. I decided it would be fun to combine 2 different road trip photos together. I love seeing Now and Then type pages and seeing the difference time makes.


What are you creating this week?

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iNSD {inter}National Scrapbooking Day

It’s here! The day when so many scrapbook sites have sales, games and other fun events!iNSD-TLP-live-events2017.jpgI personally will be at the Watch Cheryl Scrap events. And hosting the Jumble. And shopping and scrapping! Because, sales mean you shop right? The Lilypad has a really cute Free with Purchase kit, 2 actually, and combined with BYOC there’s a great deal to be had! Here are a few of my BYOC pages:

And one with the Free with purchase Collab – All the Feels:

The Lilypad All The Feels Collab
How are you celebrating this weekend?

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Our Life in the Loft

I didn’t expect to love our loft. I thought it looked like a nice spot to hang out as a family. But it has become our family room. It has become Matthew’s favorite place to spread out toys. The place we watch tv together, the place we nap, or hang out when sick. During Week in the Life, I captured a few different photos that to me need to stand alone. This is one of them. I kept thinking “What do I see?” when I was looking at the photo. It was a great way to add more journaling about the photo.


I used this to complete the May Scraplift Challenge at The Lilypad.

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Working on Week in the Life 2017

I love a lot about Ali Edwards. She has a great way with words. She also has some cool projects. One of them is “Week in the Life”. The idea is to capture in depth a week of your life. I joined in this year, and took all the photos last week. Recorded words last week. And slowly this week I’ve been working on putting it all together. So far, Monday is done, Tuesday and Wednesday are started. I know I’ll love the project when it’s done, so I just keep pushing!

2017 WITL Monday_6002017 WITL Monday 2_600

Are you doing Week in the Life? What’s the hardest part for you?

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Build Your Own Collab April 2017

BYOC – I had no idea what that meant when I first visited the Lilypad. It sounded like a rock group or something. I have since learned BYOC – Build Your Own Collaboration. And I have fallen in love with the idea! I love picking up a bunch of stuff during BYOC weekend because I know it will match. I can get an alpha here, elements there, and papers everywhere! They will all match together and create a ginormous kit! I like being able to pick up different pieces and mix and match.

Here’s the pages I created with this April’s BYOC:



I love that I was able to scrap a road trip, some baby photos, and a girls trip to New York, all with the same color scheme. What do you think of collaborations?

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