Yep, that’s right. Nick and I made it to Boston. He is working as an assistant manager at a hotel.

We started this year by adding a member to the famliy: Stitch. Stitch is a border collie mix. He is great company, and loves to play, cuddle and make mischief-just like me. Being almost all black he has a habit of popping up at night when you least expect it.

The year began with us living with our familes (Nick’s mom specifically), but in March Nick got the call that took us across the United States. We landed out here in Boston. He left in April, and I followed at the end of May.

We found a lovely basement apartment in a quiet suburb. There is room for Stitch to play, and a lovely porch to sit and read on.

I love it out here. It is such a change from dry and hot to humid, and cooler. The people are friendly, although driving is a nightmare. I didn’t think there was anything worse than Utah drivers. I was wrong-Massachusettes drivers. However, there isn’t half the construction, no make that 1/8 of the construction Utah has which frees up the roads a lot.

I am working for a payroll company. It is stress free, and normal hours (M-F 8-5). While it’s weird adjusting to a ‘normal’ schedule, I am slowly getting there.

I have postponed school for the moment (have you seen the non resident tuition!). However, I am learning lots about accounting and taxes through my job.

We visited my family in Canada few weekends ago. It was great to see my family. I miss my nephews, and siblings. But I love the opportunity we have been given.

Ta Ta For Now,

N & C

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One Response to Boston?!?!?

  1. Courtney!I can’t believe you commented on my blog! totally unexpected – so Happy Birthday! i hope you are enjoying it in Boston – please keep in touch! you can email me at or look me up on facebook if you want – i’d love to hear from you Anneps – we are privatizing our blog soon so if you want, email me and i’ll send you an invite!

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