My Birthday

My birthday was great! Nick surprised me with a new 2 GB memory card for my camera and a new scrapbook to go with it. The scrapbook is Tinkerbell in honor of my Disney World trip this December with my family. Nick unfortunately doesn’t have the PTO to go. My Aunt will be there too. Very exciting. At work I received a present that my Visiting Teacher dropped off. It was way cute-a pair of slipper socks, some fresh cookies, and some hot chocolate. It was neat because in answering who gave that to me, I was able to mention the church without being preachy. I like moments when missionary work just falls into life. It happens often in Boston. Not drinking coffee in a Dunkin’ Donuts happy town, and doing something on weekends besides going to bars and getting drunk adds to the ‘mystery’ of who I am. I like the position also of giving just a few tidbits or facts about the church, and if they want more letting the missionaries do their job.

After work we caught the T into Boston and went to P.F. Changs. I love their lettuce wraps! The crisp, cool taste of lettuce against the slightly spicy, crunchy warm inside. We also had beef with broccoli, vegetable coconut curry vegetables, chicken lo mein and steamed brown rice. I love that they serve brown rice. It’s nice to be able to find brown rice easier and easier.

After dessert of fried chocolate sticks dipped in caramel peanut butter sauce we wandered over to Barnes and Noble. I purchased “The Five Languages of Love”. We covered part of it during our Eternal Marriage Institute Class, and I have been wanting to read it since. Nick bought the latest Nick Hornby and Harry Sherear.

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