They Might Be Busy

Wahoo! We went to the They Might Be Giants concert last Friday. I really enjoyed it! There was so much energy in the room. It was held at the Roxy in the theatre district of Boston. It is a smaller venue, so you feel really close to the performers.

In between preparing for my mother in law’s visit and working, I have found time to enjoy the fall leaves. Oh, how I love all the colors. The combination of red, yellow and orange all on one leaf really catches my eye. Stitch likes to chase the leaves. His favorite days are the windy ones where the leaves are flying away from him and he has to run to get them. What a silly puppy. Fall is definately present in New England. Nippy mornings heat to warm middays which turn to crisp cool afternoons.

I was called to team teach the 3-4 year olds at church. What a great age. They are so open to what you are telling them, even with short attention spans. They are also very rowdy. I’m hoping they will calm down a little when we start church at 9 am instead of 3:30 pm. If not, oh well. They are still fun.

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One Response to They Might Be Busy

  1. I love They MIght Be Giants!! Aaron and I saw them perform a few summers ago in DC and they are quite the entertainers! you can actually hear the words they are saying, which is unusual for live concerts and actually makes the experience more fun with them since their lyrics are awesome!! we also have several of their cds – I highly recommend Here Come the ABC’s. maybe you can entertain the Sunbeams with it ….

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