Time Flies with Visitors

Sharon, Nick’s mom came out to visit the end of October. We started her off right with a visit to the North End for cannoli’s from Mike’s Pastry’s (the best. The absolute best!) My favorite are the chocolate chip ones. We also enjoyed Italian (there’s no Italian like North End Italian, except maybe Italy Italian but until I make it there I can’t compare. And of course I’m sure Italy Italian doesn’t have the entertaining Boston-Italian accents.)

We took her to Boston on a “Duck Tour”. It was my first one too. You ride an amphibious vehicle around the town checking out the architecture, listening to history, and “quacking” at walking Bostonians. It wouldn’t be amphibious if you didn’t splash into the Charles River to view Boston from the water. Of course it rained while we were riding. It wasn’t too bad as plastic windows and heaters keep you warm.

We also visited Salem, MA. Normally, Salem is one of my favorite haunts. I love the small town feel, and how there’s history around every corner. It’s wonderfully dog friendly which makes it easier to bring Stitch. There’s even a shop lady who puts out a large bowl and a small bowl of water for dogs. Sadly, due to it being October and almost Hallowe’en it was insanely busy. Too busy to really enjoy it. We did see some interesting street acrobats.

After she left, we had just over a week to reclean our house, and get ready for Adam. Adam and Nick spent most of the time playing videogames – their favorite thing to do with each other. We did drag him to Boston one night, and Nick took him again during the day to get some pictures. The hotel was full, so Adam spent the time in our living room which contributed to late night playing.

When Adam left it was time to reclean the house again. This time we hope it will stay clean! But I doubt it. Hopefully, it will stay clean enough that I can get some scrapbooking done.

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