I’m seeing a White Christmas

“Let it Snow” is the current theme around here. Not just any snow, but heavy, wet, thick snow. It has been falling (and falling and falling) from the sky for the last week. It started with a bang last Thursday creating 3-4 hour commutes. All the lucky people who thought they’d be home early by leaving at 2pm found themselves in a snowstorm with everyone else.

I stuck around work until 5pm, with no real desire to sit in traffic. My 15 minute commute because 1 hour and 10 minutes. It was insane. There were too many cars on the road for the snow plows to get through. Luckily we only slid once. And Nick did a great job of controlling the car so no harm or foul.

It rained, snowed and then sleeted on Sunday. Some snow or sleet most nights this week and snow all day Thursday has resulted in no where to put it. The snow drifts are over 5 feet tall in some spots. Our backyard is about 2-3 feet deep. We did get to see them clean the streets in town Wednesday. They use a bobcat and a dump truck. The snow plow moves the snow during the day. At night the bobcat collects the snow and dumps it into the dump truck. I’m not sure where it goes from there, but I’m sure the open fields are used.

This was not the weather I was expecting when I came back from Florida.

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