Gym and Health Conscious

I’m doing a Biggest Loser contest at work. No one gets kicked out, but the highest percentage of weight loss gets 50% of the pot. 30% for 2nd, and 20% for third. I’m determined to at least place, although I would really like to get first! I would love to buy some new clothes but I’m going to need to lose more than my 9 lbs.

So today, to help kick up my weight loss I joined a gym. Pretty decent deal-I get to take a guest everytime I go. Nick has kindly volunteered to be my guest. So now I have a new goal to get up early every morning and go workout. Nick laughed at me for this, since neither of us likes to be up before the sun rises. I’ll have to find some extra motivation to do it.

Changing our eating habits has been going well. We haven’t brought junk food in the house, we’ve been concentrating on portion sizes, and we are focusing on eating at home.

We planned a trip for Disney World in April, so right now we both have 6 week goals. This is providing a little extra motivation.

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2 Responses to Gym and Health Conscious

  1. Jennifer says:

    Good Luck! (I have added you to my list of blogs)

  2. ellen says:

    Yeah — you have a blog!

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