This is the display on Nick’s new phone. The Rumor from Sprint. Luckily, we were both able to get one, which has meant easier texting, and of course- less dropped calls. A bonus was the ability to sweet talk the sales girl into $30 for both phones. Now I just need more people to text!

His display is counting down to our first real vacation in years. In fact, our first real vacation since we got married.

It’s the first real vacation because:

We are both on PAID vacation time
Neither of us has school work to contend with
Neither of us has been working graveyard shifts so we won’t sleep for the first day and a half

Where are we going? To Disney World. I had the pleasure of going with my family in December, and I promised Nick I’d take him to experience the whole park. What better time to go back than to celebrate our 7th anniversary? We went to Orlando, and MGM-Studios on our honeymoon, so it only seemed right to go back.

Nick is flying to Utah first to attend a wedding, and pick up my 4 year old nephew. Then it’s off to 8 days and 8 nights of Disney Magic!

Now to keep up with the gym so I can look good in all those pictures!!

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2 Responses to D-31

  1. rolana says:

    ya ya ya! I LOVE disney… LOVE IT! Heaven on Earth 🙂

  2. rolana says:

    You GOT a Cricut? Did you tell yessica?? oh myyyyyy … gratz!

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