Craigslist and Cricut

Well yesterday Nick surprised me with a late Christmas and early anniversary present:

a Cricut Expression!!!!
I was tickled pink when he told me. And I was speechless when I got to open it. It still seems slightly surreal!! He bought it at AC Moore (on $ale my thrifty husband!), and it came with 4 cartridges and the color ink pens. I have been playing with it, experimenting with it, and making mistakes. First rule of thumb is to notice how thick your paper is.

So where does Craiglist come in? Well, with a Cricut, I find the need to clear out my Sizzix stuff. Ebay is a pain I found out after reading all the fine print. So off to craigslist I went. I’m sad to see it go, as Sizzix has been my friend for a long time. But I just can’t justify both. I got it all posted, now starts the waiting period. Which is bad because while I will be plenty impatient tonight, I will have to remind myself to be persistent in checking my email this week. At least I can play with my new toy while I wait…

Plus, hopefully I’ll make some money and be able to buy some more cartridges for my Cricut!! Now I can’t wait until scrapbook night!

Here’s wishing to good vibes on Craiglist 🙂

In other news, my hubby is sick. I hope his fever breaks soon. He seems to be doing better than this morning, and he’s able to keep liquids down so that’s good. And I would much rather he was sick now than when we go on vacation!!

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