Friends and Good Times

It’s been a weekend full of friendly faces. It started with my favorite activities: Scrapbooking and talking. Combined in one night. Lots of laughs, and definitely lots of fun. We stayed up way past a few bedtimes. And I got an idea for a layout from Jen’s “Sara Evans” layout. (Seriously, I did!)I didn’t get my Disney photos completely done, but progress is progress. And I learned a lot about other people. I enjoyed the conversation that ranged from politics to husbands to “Mothers who Know” (insert rolling of eyes here). I know that the R.S. theme this year is the reason I’m in Primary. Although I appreciate the talk, and found some good things in it during Conference, I would not be able to take a whole year of the topic. I love knowing that we have a date set up next month already. My goal: To be finished with the current Disney photos.

Then we topped the weekend off by having Easter dinner at the LaPierre’s. I love being over there. Laree reminds me of my little sister, and there is always some lively conversation (today why we are glad to have moved out of Utah). Ellen brought the most delicious mint chocolate brownies…YUM YUM YUM!

Amy L. made the Sunbeams day today. Upon seeing them in the hall, she was quick to compliment them on their reverence. How excited they were! It was a great motivator. I’m going to try to remember to compliment other children on their reverence. Maybe it will help encourage a more reverent atmosphere.

I’m off to work on other things, but (due to request) will attempt to blog more. I have way too much to say, you’d think this would not be a hard thing!

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2 Responses to Friends and Good Times

  1. Jennifer says:

    I blogged about my layout! You will have to check it out.That was so much fun…Erica and I ended up staying up till 6 am!

  2. I’m glad you like being called into primary. I love your blog!-Carrie

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