My Disney Vacation

The short version: Lots of fun, laughter, pictures, and fun. My nephew was pretty good, and we were relaxed.

The long version:

Our vacation consisted of me, my husband and my nephew, Tyten, who turned 4 while we were there. We opted to try the Disney Dining Plan because we wanted to take Tyten to a few character dinners. I am definately a fan now. We had plenty of food, fun treats, and it was nice to be able to meet characters while sitting down, instead of waiting in long lines. Plus, each character came to our table so Tyten got one on one time. And the food was pretty decent!

Highlights included: Tyten riding Dumbo with Donald Duck. Playing in the rain and watching most everyone else hide under the canopies. “Thumper” the rabbit saying Good Night every night just outside our hotel room door. Taking tons and tons of pictures. Riding in the front of the monorail. Seeing Tyten excited to meet any character. Getting to meet my favorite: Stitch. Getting a score of over 100,000 on Buzz Lightyear.

I love vacations. It’s always so hard to come home.

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One Response to My Disney Vacation

  1. ellen says:

    I’ve been meaning to ask you if you had fun!

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