Possibly Crazy, Definately Tired…

So I did it. I quit my job. Why? Well, the reasons are complicted and many. The two biggest ones are:
1- The building is moving in July. It’s only moving about 5 miles up 93, but as we share a car, this would add at least another 20 min to our timing in the morning, and would lengthen my day by about 40 minutes total. Nick would be fighting traffic both after dropping me off and to pick me up. It’s not cost effective to buy another car at this time-especially with the price of gas.
2- The second major reason is time. While it is nice to have a regular 8am-5pm job, it is taking up 45 hours a week. I do not like to spend this much time away from my family, and my home. Too much falls apart, or gets ignored.

My solution? I am now waiting tables. Sure it’s not glamorous work, but it’s high energy, fun, and the hours are varied. It’s easier to have a night off here, and a day off there. It’s also easy to pick up an extra shift, and I love having cash on me. I can stop fighting my night owl tendencies, and be on a more regular schedule. I also will be abe to get more gym time in. Is there a trade off? Well, of course. My paycheck isn’t guaranteed, my hours are not consistent, and I don’t have guaranteed weekends off. I can live with that though.

So here I sit tired. Tired from lifting trays on my training shift tonight. Tired from running back and forth between two jobs this week. It started Sunday evening, and Ive been doing payroll all day, and server training at night.

I have the weekend off for my SCRAPBOOKING PARTY!!!!

Gotta keep the priorities straight 🙂
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3 Responses to Possibly Crazy, Definately Tired…

  1. Jennifer says:

    As long as you keep those priorities straight!I am excited about tonight!!!!!Where are you working?

  2. Amy says:

    Thanks for the scrapbook night Friday. It was fun! I guess you are adding to the gym time by lifting all the trays, etc…maybe it will end up being helpful???

  3. ellen says:

    What restaurant?!?

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