Sweatshirts and Summer Storms

I am wearing a sweatshirt. No, really I am. It is about 70F outside, and I am bundled up in a sweatshirt. I shouldn’t complain. Really. There are worse things to happen. My apartment is the basement of a house. All utilities included in rent. We control the heat in the winter (heat rises) and she controls the central air (again, heat rises). This is well and good as we tend to put on a sweatshirt, or wrap up in a blanket before turning the heat on in the winter. We also open the doors and windows to let in a breeze in the summer. But not now. Now the air is on. All day and all night. I currently wear a sweatshirt most of the day, and cuddle up in heavy blankets at night. There are worse things in life, and I know this. But I’m getting tired of going outside to warm up. So if you are suffering from heat, feel free to visit my ice cube home.

Which leads to summer storms. My favorite part of this area has been the summer storms. I love the way the rain and wind whip through the trees and drench anything and everything that dares to make an appearance outside. They can come up quick, and leave just as fast. But the beautiful green that they leave behind is priceless. I love to sit on the warm porch and enjoy the rain. Stitch enjoys the rain as well, although his fascination leans toward the frogs that can be heard and seen in our backyard.

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One Response to Sweatshirts and Summer Storms

  1. Cami says:

    I remember having a job where they cranked the AC all summer and I’d go outside on breaks just to feel the warmth soaking back in for a few minutes.Now we have no AC, just a $10 box fan. Indeed, there are worse things to happen.

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