Cleaning and Clutter

I have been spending the rainy days cleaning and decluttering. I read a great book my Don Aslett called “Clutter’s Last Stand”. It really helped me to see how to free myself of things. For example, a couple of years ago my dad collected shot glasses from the different places he visited to add to the small collection I had. Now I have outgrown the idea of collecting shotglasses. But I didn’t want to just throw them away. However, with Don’s idea of taking a picture, and tossing the glasses, I can record the collection, and even add a page to my scrapbook about the experience of collecting with my dad, but I don’t have to use up precious space to hold something that doesn’t make me smile.

Using his principles, I’ve been cleaning out all the clutter I (emotionally) can. There is something very freeing about clearing it out from where it was stored. The rooms have a more productive, liveable, and comfortable feel to them. Probably the definitiion of feng shui. But as I keep moving it all to the office, the office feels all too cluttered which defeats the purpose.

Now to find a Goodwill/Salvation Army to get rid of it! But not until the rain stops…

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2 Responses to Cleaning and Clutter

  1. rolana says:

    you have got to check out the fly lady!!

  2. Courtney says:

    I have. And I am great at keeping the kitchen sink clean. It’s all the dishes on the side of the sink that ruin the whole idea…

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