Ice Cream and Monday Drives

Not being particularly good with Family Home Evening as there are only two of us, we have started to go for drives on Monday night. Yes, gas prices are high (but falling-we found $3.79/gal tonight), but I think a nice drive that revives the soul and allows undistracted (almost!) talking is worth a few bucks. But I digress…

When on these drives we invariably find a place to stop for ice cream. We’ve yet to stop at the same place twice. Tonight was Mac’s Dairy Farm in Tewksbury. I had a very rich and creamy chocolate walnut. Nick had a Milky Way. My lesson? A small is not a small. It is more like a small box. I will need to order kiddies size next time. Due to the massive size, and the beautiful night, the ice cream melted faster than I could eat it. So my shirt helped. We’ll see if the chocolate comes out.

Next week we will wander towards Kimball’s and discover if it is worthy of the recommendations.

Tomorrow? The gym-with an extra 30 min added on.

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One Response to Ice Cream and Monday Drives

  1. Drewmeister says:

    I’ll have to try that place in Tewksbury! Where else have you tried that is pretty good?

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