Happy Birthday!!!

Happy Birthday to the love of my life.

My smart, funny, silly husband turns 30 today. He is nervous about it. Not sure why, can’t stop the clock or turn back time. So today, my post is devoted to him based on one of our favorite movies.

Ten Things I Love About my Husband

I love the way he makes me laugh, especially with our twisted view on society, and our “I hate people” days.
I love the way he can quote music, movies, or books to fit almost every situation.
I love the way he mocks my made up language and gives me the proper English words.
I love how gentle he is with all children he meets.
I love how much fun we have when we play games, even when we pout because we are too competitive with each other.
I love his willingness to bring me back to earth when I offer him with the moon and the stars.
I love how he subtly rolls his eyes when the occasion calls for it.
I love his desire to provide for our family.
I love the red hair and crooked smile ready to grin at the slightest incentive.
I love how much he cares for all people he is close to.


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2 Responses to Happy Birthday!!!

  1. Amy says:

    Happy Birthday Nick! Hope it is an awesome day!

  2. rolana says:

    Happy Birthday Nick!!

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