My Own Language

I like to make up words. Sometimes it’s because I can’t think of one already in existence (such as sueholics). Sometimes it’s because my mouth talks before my brain thinks (such as when things get “smallened”). The only drawback is the English major I married. It irritates him. At least a little.

Blogmaginitis is one of my new favorites though. Definition: the disease affecting those who blog in their imagination. This is quite common for me. I will write an entire blog post in my head while I am at work, or trying to sleep, or on a car ride. And then I think I blogged about it. But when I open my blog, I realize: nope. It was all in my head. Oh well. If you could only read the blog in my brain.

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2 Responses to My Own Language

  1. Drewmeister says:

    I do that too (write a blog in my head): but the blog in my head usually does make it into cyberspace.

  2. Amy says:

    I love making up words! It’s too fun to stop.

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