It’s not peaceful anymore

I used to like our apartment. Sure it’s small. Sure it’s odd shaped. The bathroom and kitchen are minuscule. I can barely turn around in the shower without hitting a wall. Literally. Yeah, we can’t really have anyone over unless it’s summer weather and we can eat on the porch. But, it was fairly quiet. Our landlord upstairs was a fairly quiet neighbor. She didn’t have a lot of company regularly. She only had really loud and obnoxious drinking parties about once a quarter. There’s a yard of sorts for Stitch to play in.

But not anymore. Now she has company, loud company, alot. Her parties have occurred about every other weekend. Today has been bad. Today I’ve been afraid someone is going to come through the ceiling and land on my head.

I think it’s partially because we didn’t plan on living here this long. A year max. But jobs changed, and we really love it out here. It is a very big push to find a place of our own. Especially when we get discouraged in our never ending quest to find everything someone else loves.

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