Recipe Pondering

I was planning my menu this week, and started to contemplate recipes and their variations. For example, one of the things I wrote down is “Erica’s Pasta”. Now this is not the real name. I believe Erica calls it “Chipotle Lime and Garlic Pasta” or something like that. But I got the recipe from Erica, so in my family we named it “Erica’s Pasta”. I also have “Cami’s Tortillas” (whole wheat tortillas), and “Michelle’s Tacos” (Pulled Pork Tacos) .

I was at a friends house recently, and noticed her dinner plan included “New Recipe”. Upon questioning, I found out that no, it wasn’t a new recipe they were trying. About 7 years ago, she had made dinner. One of the children asked what it was and she answered “A new recipe, insert cookbook name here”. Well, the name “New Recipe” stuck, and that’s what her children ask for.

How many other recipes have changed names? Or were given new ones? Maybe “Best Apple Pie” used to be Beth’s Apple Pie and someone misheard the name. Maybe Shepards Pie was Potato Pie, but when Mrs. Shepard handed it off, the name moved as well.

All this pondering boils down to one thing: I have too much time on my hands tonight, and not enough thoughts about dinner next week! So, if you are bored, feel free to share your favorite recipe, especially if it has a unique name.

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One Response to Recipe Pondering

  1. I’m flattered! And glad that you’re enjoying my recipe. Actually, I got it from my friend Emma so maybe it should really be called Emma’s pasta… I may not be the best one to be passing recipes this week- so far we have had chili, baked potatoes, hot dogs, and mini pizzas on english muffins. As you can see, I’m in a lazy dinner rut.

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