My Adventure with Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)

Tuesday around 3:45 pm, I grab my big reusable bag (freebie in the mail!) and head out to the car. I drive to Farmer Dave’s. I enter the barn, check off my name, and off I go to pick out my veggies. I love the crates of veggies sitting waiting to be picked through. The smell is so fresh, and makes me feel excited for dinner. When I’m done, I say bye, and out the door I go, off to check out my new items. It’s the best kind of shopping, as the money was exchanged months ago, so it feels free!

I made a goal for this experience that I will pick out a new item each week. Last week’s newbie was purslane. I made a purslane and potato salad. It was delicious. The purslane adds an extra kick to regular potato salad.

Veggies: Radishes, zucchini, cucumber, peas, garlic snape, lettuce, purslane, cilantro, spinach

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