The Counter Project

How to inexpensively change a counter top you hate:

Step 1: Scour stores (or the internet) until you find a pattern of contact paper you like, or at least like better.

Step 2: Clean the counter thoroughly.

Step 3: Slowly, and carefully begin placing the contact paper on the counter. I recommend using a plastic scraper to help smooth the paper. It’s about $2 at your local hardware store, and great to use for perfect edges.

Step 4: Repeat for the whole kitchen, and voila! A new look for a minimal price. Just be extra careful about putting hot items directly on the counter. But if you do, use it as an excuse to try another pattern. The contact paper should remove very easily from the counter top allowing you to change your mind and change your paper.

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3 Responses to The Counter Project

  1. ellen says:

    You should have a home improvement show!

  2. Cami says:

    That's awesome! I thought contact paper was just for inside drawers. Now I'm inspired to think of all sorts of uses for it. Nice job.

  3. Drewmeister says:

    Interesting idea–looks good!

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