The Overweight Bag and the Cinnamon Bears

Late Wednesday night (8/12) my dad, Sharon and Josh pulled up to our campsite. When Sharon had weighed in her bag at the airport, it weighed in at 53lbs, 3lbs over the limit. With a little finagling from my dad, she didn’t have to pay the overweight fee. But imagine our surprise when she exclaimed it was all our fault. We didn’t believe her, so she showed us the proof:

Thank you Sharon for bringing us 13 lbs of cinnamon bears! And the chocolate covered ones were such a surprise and luxurious treat.

Background: One of the things that we miss from out west are cinnamon bears. Sure, you can find them at Yummies in Kittery, but I prefer not to pay their price. Especially when at Macey’s in Orem they were usually on sale for $1-$1.50 for a 1 lb bag. So when we were asked if there was anything we wanted brought out for us, cinnamon bears it was. We asked both my family and Sharon (Nick’s mom). Why? We knew that if my mom forgot (with 8 kids she’s apt to) Sharon would pull through. My mom did bring us 2 bags.

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2 Responses to The Overweight Bag and the Cinnamon Bears

  1. Cami says:

    I love the chocolate covered ones. Yep, cinnamon bears are one of the first things I buy at Macey's when I go home (after I stop at the Arby's).

  2. Drewmeister says:

    I ask for cinnamon bears from out west too.

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