Our New Video Camera

For Christmas my parents give us money rather than try to figure out what we want. Well, Nick and I decided that with Baby coming, and us living across the country from the grandparents, a video camera would be a good investment. We wanted a pocket Video Camera (think Flip). We debated, researched, checked out videos on You tube to see quality, and finally settled on a camera – The Kodak Zi8. Well, imagine our surprise when we couldn’t purchase the camera anywhere! We tried online, we tried brick and mortar stores, everywhere we went we were collecting rain checks, and frustration. Finally, we went online to the Kodak store and found another option. The Kodak Playsport. Most of the features are the same as the Zi8, but it is more rugged, cheaper, and intended to take a little more of a beating. Also, it’s waterproof up to 10 feet! While I don’t intend to make it a habit, thoughts of a child throwing the camera into a pool (or the toilet) make this a good feature. However, we would be getting a ‘first edition’. Which normally we avoid, we prefer to let others work out the bugs. Also, the camera wasn’t set to be released until the middle of March. If there were any delays, we wouldn’t get it in time for our trip. We took the chance. We got the email that it was delayed from March 17th to March 28th. Cutting it close, but we decided to be patient and see what happened. Lo and behold, we got an email announcing a March 10th ship date! And today, I got my video camera!!! Now the fun part, playing with it!
It’s so tiny!!

It’s also so simple to use! These are the only controls.

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2 Responses to Our New Video Camera

  1. Gwenevere says:

    How do you keep something that small still enough to get a steady shot?

  2. Courtney says:

    There's a cool feature called "Electronic Image Stabilization". That plus it's surprisingly easy to hold still!

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