A Well Travelled Boy

We began our journey home from Utah.

We stopped in Denver, CO after a drive by Vail.

and through the Eisenhower-Johnson tunnel. It is 1.697 (eastbound) miles long. There’s a lot of other cool facts about it (like elevation, records, etc).
While there we dined at the Aquarium restaurant. That fish is bigger than my baby!

We had a great time reading all the signs in Kansas. There were tons more, and they added entertainment to the drive.

Then we proceeded to Kansas City, MO where we had ourselves some fine barbecue.
(Jack Stack at the Freight House)
On our way to Columbus, OH we stopped and saw my friend Megan. It was a nice break from the car.

We also got to see the biggest cross I’ve ever seen. It stands at 198 feet in Effingham, IL.

Our next stop was Columbus, OH where we had pizza from Donato’s. Donato’s used to be owned by McDonalds. They make a good pizza.

Then the long journey back to MA starting with the tunnels of PA.

Followed by the Holland Tunnel where Nick did a great job of not getting us killed!!!

Matthew was a great traveler. Stitch traveled in the backseat with Matthew, and aside from a few “Don’t step on the baby” did really well. He would curl up and rest his head on the carseat.

And, in case you were wondering….you can fit this much stuff, a dog, a baby, and 2 adults in a Toyota Corolla.

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4 Responses to A Well Travelled Boy

  1. Jennifer says:

    So you are home??? Erica and I want to start planning your shower!!!When do we get to meet the babe??

  2. ellen says:

    I can't wait to meet your well-traveled baby boy!!

  3. Drewmeister says:

    Welcome home–can't wait to meet Matthew.

  4. LaDawn says:

    Congratuations on making your long trip home. We are already missing you and baby Matthew. He is so sweet and you two make such wonderful parents. Hang in there and enjoy these moments. They will be gone much too fast. Love you guys. Wish you were closer.

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