First Plane Ride AKA I hate flying

Best tip I got?
When you go through security, lay a blanket in the bin. That way, you can lay the baby in the bin while you put on your shoes and put your formula back in the diaper bag. Thanks Cami!!!
Second best tip? When airport personnel offer help? Say “yes, please”!

We got through security great, and down to the gate. Matthew ate, and stayed awake checking everyone out. I was able to get a window seat instead of the middle seat after checking with the gate agent. And then was lucky enough to not have anyone in the middle seat! We loaded onto the plane, and waited.
And waited.
And waited.
Apparently, the computer systems went down, so we had to wait for the slowest printer in the world to print the paperwork. And then, we had to wait for some guy who decided he was sick during the 20 minutes we were waiting, to get off the plane (who doesn’t know they are throwing up sick before they board a plane?!?!?) And then we had to wait while the airline removed his checked bag. Okay, time to go!
Oh, wait…NOW 7 (yes, I counted) people need to use the restroom before we can take off.
Rant #1: Really? You really couldn’t wait until we were in the air? Why didn’t you use the bathroom 40 minutes ago? Or while we were doing our original waiting? Why did you wait until we were ready? You know it’s bad when the pilot says as soon as everyone returns to their seats we can go. Okay. Rant over.
And as we were waiting for our turn on the runway I watched the wind blow the grass and create huge waves on the water. And the other passengers called the flight attendants because there was a ‘weird sound’. The pilot again came on to calm everyone down by letting them know that 40 knots of wind going through the engines makes that noise.

This little one enjoyed the ride. He slept on the tray table and ate when he was hungry. He enjoyed the window and the sun.

When we landed in Atlanta, the only excitement was us running to make our connection! Unfortunately, it was a full plane, and we were stuck in the middle. But we made our connection, and Matthew slept. He was very easy to care for in the Baby Bjorn. I was starving once I got off the plane. Since my connection in Atlanta went from having time to grab food to running to make my connection, I hadn’t eaten anything but pretzels since my wonderful hubby had fed me breakfast.

Other random things:
~~Both planes were so full, that I had to inform the flight attendants that they were not going to take my diaper bag away and check it under the plane. I found that on the second flight when I needed to be firm, it was very easy to say: Do you want my child to scream and drive the other passengers onry because he’s hungry? That might be child abuse. My point was taken.
~~Rant #2: It is absolutely ridiculous that airlines charge for the first bag *Delta*. But, it is even more ridiculous that people will not pay the $25 and check bags that they know are full well too big for the plane. I found on both my flights too many people who intentionally waited to see if they would gate check the bag so they wouldn’t have to pay the extra money. I also could not believe what people are calling carryons these days. One guy had a toy train set in it’s box (along with his large carryon and computer bag). And they wanted me to check my diaper bag!?!?!? I hate flying. But not for the reasons most people do. End Rant

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One Response to First Plane Ride AKA I hate flying

  1. Cami says:

    There's a reason I have recurring nightmares about airports and flying- many reasons, in fact! Glad things were mostly uneventful for you.

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