4 Months Old

Matthew is 4 months old.

…has learned that he can turn his mobile music on and off.
…has been to the beach.
…can roll from side to side.
…will study his feet for long moments.
…will try to eat his feet.
…will watch Stitch (or anyone) move around even if it means leaning forward.
…enjoys staring at the sky when we are outside.
…sucks his hands, fingers, and toes.
…can sit supported.
…can laugh without scaring himself.
…likes mommy to put him to sleep.
…likes getting up with daddy in the morning.

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One Response to 4 Months Old

  1. Alright, That's it. I'm coming to Kidnap him from Boston…. Yep.. It's happening. I miss him! He's sooooo big! I remember when that monkey was a GIANT compared to him!

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