The Drive In

I love the drive-in.

One of my first movie memories is my parents taking my two brothers and me to the drive in. The first movie was Home Alone. We had a van, and my parents would back it in for the first movie so we could lay on the floor and watch. Then, between movies they would flip the van around so they could watch the second movie out the front while we slept in the back. I vaguely remember getting the middle position so I could watch the second movie. Somehow, I never made it very far before I fell asleep.

In high school, my friends and I were lucky enough to have 2 drive-ins – The Provo Twin and the Art City Drive-in. My dad had a pickup truck. We used to load a mattress in the back, and tons of pillows and blankets, and off we went to the drive-in most weeks during the summer. Sure, we did some kissing, but we also watched a lot of movies. There were usually a few vehicles in our group, so we always had fun and stayed safe. Sadly, both drive-ins closed down.

I was thrilled when last summer I stumbled upon the Milford Drive-in! Sure, it’s a drive from our house, but it’s a drive-in! Nick and I have loved it this summer. It’s so convenient to pile Matthew, and Stitch into the car with us and go. It’s cheap as far as a date night goes ($20/car, and we take our own treats and drinks), two movies, we don’t have to get a sitter, and we get to spend time talking on the drive up and back.

Matthew likes it too.

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