Aunt Amie Part 2

Nick started with a history lesson. He explained how the rocks are formed to replicate the forming of Salem and the shore lines.

Yes, this may be irreverent, but doesn’t he look cute?
For the record I’m perfectly fine with people taking pictures at my gravestone when the time comes.

It’s very very very hard to see, but there is a squirrel up there. A squirrel who was throwing acorns down at people. Mostly the other group taking pictures in the cemetery, but a few were aimed at us! He was a stubborn little squirrel who didn’t want anyone near his tree.

Spooky ghost tour. We have tried quite a few, and enjoyed this one the most. It’s spellbound tours (also featured on the Travel Channel). It’s encouraged to try to catch pictures of the ghosts and spirits with your camera. Also, there wasn’t as much emphasis on the history from the history books, but more on the people and speculation on why they haunt.

A nice place haunted by a mean ghost. It’s the house haunted by a cruel judge, and it’s said you may see him looking out at you. Also, if you head to the back, you can feel the stones and the negative energy emanating from the house.
A great way to end a day in Salem. Especially a day that started with a tire incident.

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