Aunt Amie

While Aunt Amie was here, we headed down to Boston. Matthew was pretty good and a happy boy for the majority.

But when he got tired, he let us know.

Amie enjoyed seeing the sites. We took her on a tour of Harvard.

As it was given by Nick and I who have never attended Harvard, it focused more on cute boys and “That’s an old building”.

Of course no trip to Boston is complete without a visit to Fanueil Hall and Quincy Market.

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One Response to Aunt Amie

  1. Sharon Muir says:

    She had such a great trip, can't wait to see how Chelsea's went and I am waiting to hear that Matthew can sit all by himself or is scooting around on the floor or getting ready to crawl.Amie and Chelsea should both go to Harvard. They are bright enough and brave enough. Maybe we should buy some rental property.Love you!Mom

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