A Bittersweet Ending

CSA has come and gone. 20 weeks full of veggies, new recipes, fresh food now, and storing some up for winter.

Lettuce was plentiful all season, we even got some this last week!

Tomatoes had a bumper crop. from Roma, to Choke Cherry,
to grape, to cherry, to green, to heirloom, to regular.
There’s some corn in my fridge to finish this week. There’s some wonderful beans in the freezer as well as pureed veggies for Matthew. It’s been a wonderful season, and I loved it even more than last year.

Why is it bitter? Because now I’m stuck with the veggies at the store until next spring.

And now I’m off to reserve next year’s spot! Gotta do it early, as there was a waiting list this year.

If you are interested, I use Farmer Dave‘s. He has pickup points in Burlington, Beverly, Somerville, Tewksbury as well as Dracut of course. He also has options ranging from a small share to a super family share! We purchase a regular share.

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