More Trouble

Matthew has a fascination with moving now. I get it, I’m not very good at staying still and relaxing. But I’m now finding out all those little things that he likes: cords, paper, tipping anything and everything over…
I have a few storage boxes, you’ve seen them, they are meant to look like ottomans, but they are hollow inside. Well, I thought I had the electronics and cords blocked off from Matthew’s reach.

Apparently not.
I also have a recycle box in the house that we transfer to the outside (why the extra work? Because I hate going in and out of the house all day.) Matthew finds it great to pull himself up on the box, and tip it over. After it’s tipped he…well, let me show you:

The little bits of paper will have slobber on them. The milk jug will be pounded on as it’s a noisemaker. Any cans are rolled away and chased. Boxes that are not flattened make great toys as well.

He’s happy, healthy, and curious. That’s all that matters in the long run.

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One Response to More Trouble

  1. Cami says:

    He's really got to work on that caught-red-handed look. It's more of a so-proud-look-what-I-did look right now. 🙂

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