Naptime Interrupted

I was enjoying the benefits of naptime. Cleaning up the house (except toys. That is a never ending battle best fought after the rascal goes to bed), checking Facebook, relaxing in general. Then I hear a loud bang. An inconsistent, intermittent banging. The kinda banging that makes me wonder if maybe someone broke in the house with drums. Granted, the banging sound was being intensified through the baby monitor.

Nope. Not a drummer or any other person/animal/thing. Just a child who decided he was done napping and wanted to ring the done gong.

How my too smart child managed to realize the cord was there and pull it through the crib bars is anyone’s guess but mine. I have no idea.

Yes, yes cords are dangerous. But in my case, I think they are more dangerous to the item attached to the cord (ie baby monitor) than the rascal that is trying to pull the cord out of said item.

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