8 Months Old

Matthew is 8 months old.

…can stand holding on to objects.
…crawl very fast.
…pulls on any cord he can reach.
…babbles, especially when asked a question.
…has no fears.
…loves to tease and torment the dog.
…loves to be in the kitchen when I’m cooking.
…tries to pull himself up on everything.
…takes 2 good naps, and 1 mini nap a day.
…eats anything and everything. He is not picky at all!
…is a joy to have in our life.

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One Response to 8 Months Old

  1. Sharon Muir says:

    At dinner Thursday I said I am thankful for Caitlin, Matthew, and for the joy he has brought into the lives of Nick and Courtney. He has brought such richness into your lives and you are such amazing parents. You are my Thanksgiving.

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