Christmas Tree

Nick and I have started our own tradition when it comes to decorating the tree.

While decorating the tree we watch Christmas Vacation. I love being able to enjoy the chaotic Griswold Christmas disaster while placing ornaments here and there on the tree. We have the movie pretty memorized, so no need to worry about pausing or talking while it’s playing. There’s something relaxing about knowing that no matter what happens during the Christmas season, I will never have the SWAT team breaking through my windows.

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One Response to Christmas Tree

  1. Sharon Muir says:

    I love to hear of the traditions you are adopting for the holidays. The 3 wise man gifts is perfect, with we had done something like that.I get a nod to Tim with the Christmas Vacation and trimming of the tree. I'll bet he is there with you to laugh and take part in the joy. I miss him, I miss you, and I love you all so much.Merry Christmas!!!

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