Helper Tower

Awhile ago (like December) I found this: I feel in love with the idea. So much safer than a stool. But Matthew was pretty little, so it wasn’t a huge hurry.

Fast forward to now. Matthew is not happy being on the floor while I am up high cooking, baking, or even cleaning. Matthew was also not happy when I stepped on him because he crawled under my feet.

Enter a rainy, gross weekend, and Nick’s day off. We have been on a getting the house put together kick, so the helper tower seemed a natural project. Two trips to Lowe’s, a few screws, a debate on whether we really needed to buy a jigsaw, and some wood later.

We had a tower. And my little boy loves it! Since he’s still a little unstable, we added the blanket for safety.

The ruler in his hand is actually a scepter. According to Nick “Every boy with a tower needs a scepter”.

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2 Responses to Helper Tower

  1. nickwrites says:

    Yes, he's wearing Christmas pajamas. In May. It was really cold that week, so don't judge us.

  2. Chandra says:

    What a fantastic idea! Like a stool but cuter and safer!

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