Fun Free Friday: Stone Zoo

Well, I wouldn’t pay full price. But at library pass price, or free, the Stone Zoo was perfect for Matthew.

I was disappointed in the animal selection, but I’ve been spoiled by the Philadelphia Zoo, Hogle Zoo (SLC), and the San Diego Zoo. It was also disappointing that we were able to finish the Zoo in about 2 hours with the zoo super crowded, walking slow and making two laps.

Matthew was amused, as at this point his animal exposure was limited to the goats at Farmer Dave’s and a few other various farm animals that I don’t think he remembers.

This reindeer was mad about something. It kept running the pen in circles. The bears took turns coming to the window to pose for the kids. It was almost as though it was choreographed. The timber wolves were the highlight for me and Matthew. We found a hiding hole up a couple flights of stairs near the top view area. Most visitors didn’t want to walk that far up, or pull a stroller up the stairs, so it was quiet. Which the timber wolves liked. They strode around for us, and occasionally gave off a howl.

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