Until I take the time to reinstall, and relearn how to use my Photoshop Elements, you’ll have to suffer through many pictures.

We headed to the Aquarium on Wednesday, September 7. We scored our library pass which meant cheap tickets.
Upon our arrival, Matthew discover the tank outside with seals. Which lead us to consider the question of why exactly we bought tickets?

Once inside, Matthew found more fascinating sites. First was the penguins.

Then the Shark and Ray touch tank. Matthew was a little short, so his Daddy helped him reach. He liked the idea of splashing the water. He liked that the Rays swam close by. He wasn’t so sure about the actual touching though.

He liked the middle tank that is 3 floors tall as long as the fish as big as him went by. If it was the smaller ones, he wanted nothing to do with them.

He found the second touching area, but he was content to just watch everyone else touch. I liked the animals that camouflage really well. That’s a sea horse, not a plant.

We finished the day with lunch at Faneuil Hall, and then headed home in the rain.

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