Travelling to the Aquarium

The day started off foggy and gloomy. We parked at a hotel in Boston and took a boat. Matthew had to stop for a snack along the boardwalk to the boat pickup. We always manage to “Stop and smell the roses” now that Mr. Independent likes to walk.

What a bargain! $1.70/adult each way. And Matthew enjoyed the water. Both watching it with Daddy, and looking out the windows inside the boat. We were the only passengers on our boat, so Matthew had a great view.

The Leash: Everyone has an opinion on leashing a child. Mine is: if we are going somewhere super busy and full of strangers, and I want him to be safe, I have two options. One is a stroller, one is a leash. (Yes, I can have him hold my hand, and typically he does while we have the backup of the leash. But hands get sweaty and slippery, and once I lost my brother at Disneyland because of that). Since we were headed to the aquarium and I wanted him to be able to explore, and not have to push an empty stroller after him, We decided to go with his monkey friend. And I’m glad we did!

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One Response to Travelling to the Aquarium

  1. Jennifer says:

    Any one that has a toddler understands a leash!

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