First Red Sox Game

Red Sox Versus the Orioles:

Matthew sported his gear: (Thank goodness for hand-me-downs!)

We were lucky and no one sat in the two seats next to us, so Matthew was able to rotate between our laps and a chair between us.

He cheered and clapped:

We shared cotton candy (and binky):

And the Red Sox won! We were able to see a Home Run, a successful field dive for the ball, and a fantastic dive over the wall (he didn’t catch the ball, but A for effort!) We didn’t stay the whole game as 2 1/2 hours in the game was only starting the 6th inning (and was 2 hours after Matthew’s bedtime). It ended up being a 4 hour game, and the final score was 18-9.

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One Response to First Red Sox Game

  1. ellen says:

    Look at him at Fenway! He's all growed up!

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