Train to Maine

For an adventure, we decided to take a train up to Portland, Maine and explore. Matthew loves trains, and since Amtrak was running a special, it was cheaper than driving.

The leaves and scenery were beautiful.

Nick enjoyed playing with his iPod instead of focusing on driving.

Matthew looked out the window for a bit, but then wanted to see what Daddy was doing.

He loved the freedom of being able to walk (run) up and down the aisles! He did pretty good. I was pleasantly surprised. After all, 2 1/2 hours is a long time for a toddler to be relatively quiet and well behaved. Luckily, the few people around us for the whole trip were amused by Matthew, and the train was empty enough that we could spread out a little.

The ride back was a little rougher for Matthew, but he was pretty well behaved. Luckily, a bunch of freshman college boys were sitting in front of us. They were entertained by Matthew, and he was entertained by them. He stayed awake for most of the trip home, which was surprising because it was way past his bedtime.

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2 Responses to Train to Maine

  1. ellen says:

    I should do that! I love trains.

  2. Amy says:

    I'm so jealous. It looks like a fabulous trip!

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