The Princess and the Dinosaur AKA Halloween 2

With the great Hallowe’en snowstorm, Hallowe’en was postponed. What this actually means, is that we had 3 bouts of trick or treating: the ward trunk or treat, and two separate towns with friends.

Matthew loved going for a stroller ride with his princess. Until he figured out that he was getting candy at the doors! Then he was off and running from door to door.

Matthew would hurry up to beat the witch to the door. He would knock on the doors, but was so quiet, no one heard him. He preferred the doors where he could just walk up and say please.
Being the first time he ‘got’ trick or treating, he was cautious with his candy. He would hold onto the candy from the previous house until he got the candy at the next house. He also had a preference for Kit Kats. For the first hour, he picked up Kit Kats whenever he had the option. Luckily, he switched to Milky Ways (moms favorite) and Reese Cups (dads favorite).

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