Children’s Museum

What do you do when there’s no snow, it’s frigid outside and you need to run off energy?

You head to the Children’s Museum! Matthew’s first visit was fun. This visit was FUN! Matthew figured out how to run between the different exhibits.

He was fascinated by the rooms. And the under 3 room held his attention for about an hour. He loved the train, slide, and sitting and watching the fish tank. He pulled up the chair so he could sit and watch. He had a train building “contest”: The rules were whoever has the longest train wins. In order to add more cars, you had to wait for the other participating child to walk away and then sneak their train cars over to yours. The adults enjoyed watching the trains stay the same length as the kids were just trading back and forth.

He concentrated on the sand, but didn’t care much for the water.

Mom got a big old bruise helping him in and out of the Bobcat.

The highlight for him was the tennis ball shooter. Using air, you pull a weight down and shoot a tennis ball up almost to the third story ceiling. Matthew cheered. “wow”ed and pointed for every kid shooting the ball. He would take a turn, but had more fun clapping for the other children.

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