We had the opportunity to “babysit” for a friend of mine. Since her children are all older, it was more of “make sure the house doesn’t burn down, and that they eat something for dinner”. One of the things they do nightly is to read a chapter of scriptures, alternating 3 verses per family member round robin until the chapter is over.

We had tried reading scriptures before as a family, but we were bad at sticking with it. Plus, with the former hotel life, there was no consistency to our schedule. Matthew latched onto seeing the other kids read, and having a book to hold.

We are proud to say, we have kept this going! We have missed one night, but Matthew and I read together while Nick was on his scout trip. We are feeling much more confident about keeping the momentum going. It was also fun to start in Ether (where the family was), rather than in 1 Nephi like normal.

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