Matthew and George

Since I’m disgruntled with Blogger, let’s see if WordPress is easier. Please bear with me as I learn the ropes.

We went to Savers on Thursday. While perusing the shelves, Matthew kept picking up different toys, and then he would trade for a different one. He had traded his way to a wooden puzzle, and I was fine with that. But then, out of nowhere he sees Curious George. And Curious George is riding a fire truck. His two favorite things. I had hoped to convince him into a different toy, or just make George disappear before the checkout.

No such luck. Matthew had a death grip on George and was not letting go for anything. Luckily, he understands that if he wants it to leave the store, it has to ‘beep’ at the register. So he handed George over to the cashier, and then had a mild panic attack when the cashier put George in a bag, instead of handing George back. We stopped at Lowe’s after, and George had to come in with us.

Good thing George had no batteries when we bought him, and Matthew doesn’t know he takes batteries!

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2 Responses to Matthew and George

  1. Sharon Muir says:

    I have found you. Sending the next packet of coupons this week. Hope George is happy in his new home.

  2. Ha! i can still follow you with blogger 🙂

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