Opinionated Twos

I have learned to pick my battles.

No, you can’t pick your nose. No, you can’t have chips for breakfast. Yes, you are having Rest Time (aka nap). Yes, we are getting out of the car. No, you can’t carry the glass bottle of milk that is too heavy for you.


Sure, wear your pj’s all day. It won’t hurt anything. Sure, you can have 2 cups with water at the same time. Sure, you can chase the dog with the flashlight. Sure, you can play with playdoh on the potty (I threw it out as soon as he was done). Sure, you can sleep on the floor every night, and not in your perfectly good bed. Sure, you can carry the small plastic banana milk to the register. Sure, you can grab a try me piece of cheese all by yourself.

And one of my favorites:

Why not wear socks with sandals?

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