Rest Time

We’ve reached that point. That point when “Nap” might as well be a four letter word. So, sneakily I’ve renamed it “Rest Time”. Matthew still gets mad. He is so worried that I might do something fun while he’s asleep.

This is how “Rest Time” goes.


Me: Matthew, time for rest. You can play in your room, but you have to stay there.

Matthew: No. No.

(I put the baby gate in the doorway so he is stuck inside. I hand him his cup of water.)

Matthew: Cries. Mama! Mama! No, No!

(I go into the office/craftroom across the hall, and shut the door.)

Matthew cries for a few more minutes.

1:09 pm:

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One Response to Rest Time

  1. ellen patton says:

    Mother knows best. 🙂

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