A Trip to Ikea

A trip to Ikea is almost a mini-vacation. Ikea is not the easiest place to get to (why oh why have they not built one in “Tax-Free” New Hampshire??.  For some reason, we like their plates. Like them enough that we’ve been down to 2 large plates for the past 2 months waiting to make a trip to Ikea. Well, we finally came up with enough wants/needs that a trip was justified. The fact that Nick needed to check on some things for a work conference in Braintree helped get us down there.

Matthew enjoyed jumping on all the beds, checking out each bedroom, the kitchen sinks (uh-oh, it’s broken mama!), and riding the cart with the Expedit.

Nick and I enjoyed checking things out and saying We could build that. We could build that. Apparently, we are channeling Ana White.



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