My Family

This year I decided to do something different. I’ve been doing what’s referred to as “Project Life” for scrapbooking. I wanted to make sure I capture all the fun little things that happen in our family. Especially this year as Matthew learns to speak English. Well, learns to speak understandable English! I want to be able to remember his little quirks like calling both me and Nick “Neeeck” (long e) whenever we don’t answer to Mommy or Daddy on the first 2 requests. Or his demanding that we listen to “CrazyBaby” know to the rest of the world as “Call Me Maybe”. Or lately his demands that “Baby” goes with us everywhere, but not everyday. His ingenuity in getting to the “canny” (candy) cupboard. His desire to gobble up fruit whether it’s in season or not. His decision that dinner tastes much better off mine or Nick’s plate rather than his own. Especially salad. Although lunch can be eaten off his own plate. Unless it’s salad. His desire to sing, dance and draw. Probably all typical almost 3-year-old behaviors, but still a part of him. So I’ve been capturing our everyday, boring old life and posting it at a different blog site.Family Photo2013

If you miss this crazy bunch of faces, feel free to check it out: Our Project Life And I’ll try to remember to post here as well on occasion. But since I’m working on learning Photoshop Elements, it may be full of digital photos, and other scrappy type things.

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