Plan with Me

I’ve recently discovered Planner Decorating. It’s a thing. A big huge thing. I started using a planner last year, and really loved that it helped me be more organized. So, I bought the same one for this year. My planner is the Mormon Mom Planner. There is an LDS version, and a non LDS version. I love the layout, it gives me lots of room to write and make separate lists. Unfortunately, the slightly smaller weekly boxes mean that regular EC stickers on Etsy won’t fit it.

For Christmas I got a Silhouette Cameo, and I’ve been able to combine it with Digital Scrap Kits to make my own stickers! Plus, there’s a lot of designers this year making planner kits! This is the first week of February all ready to go:

I try to make a note daily about something that happened – a sweet moment, a silly moment, or something that we are doing. I use it when I sit down to document our Weekly Life layouts. The pretty sticker boxes are great for this! I love all the color that the stickers add! I do have stamps, but although I enjoy them, they are more work in the end. Although, counting the whole cutting process, stamping might be quicker!

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