Finger Puppet Fun

I love when I can use my digital supplies and make something that my son can play with. Recently, I stumbled upon these cute animals from Jacque:
jlarsen_wildaboutyou_lrgThe second I saw them, I thought they would make great finger puppets! I first pulled the digital files into my Silhouette program. I currently just use the free one that comes with the machine.


Once I had them set up to cut and print, I printed them out on label sheets. I printed two sets, because my son wants to make Valentine’s cards with the second one!


I pulled out some black cardstock, and stuck the animals onto it. I then fussy cut around them. I did realize after how I could have cut the shapes on the black cardstock and then adhered the animals.


I cut some strips out of the black cardstock and glued them to the backs. I made them as big as my two fingers together, so it’s easy to play with them.


My son loves them! The animals have already given kisses, and had a jungle fight. The army guys hunt them down, and they scared some Lego guys. I love when an idea works out so well!

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